Outstanding food and outstanding service. I use crutches. We were seated in the outdoor section that has smaller chairs. Todd, the waiter, offered and brought a larger chair without my asking. He continued to be attentive and very friendly throughout our meal.

The owner stopped by our table and was gracious and welcoming.

Did I mention the food? Wow! The specials were fantastic. We will be back! First time out of town visitors.

- Joseph S.
The food was amazing the staff was great as you walked in and they offered hot chocolate with candy canes and marshmallows inside of it it was delicious. When the food came it was amazing everything was so good the waiter we had was hilarious and very knowledgeable about the menu. Can’t wait to go back!!
- Lisa S.

Great diner-style breakfast spot. NYC prices, but the staff is incredibly friendly and helpful, and the food is delicious and filling. Definitely worth asking about the specials! The complimentary basket of muffins and pastries with strawberry butter is a nice plus, too!

- Emily H.

This is is the literal best. The staff are nice, the food is nice, it’s easy to get to (there is a subway right next to it.) It’s just a all around good place.

- Holly W.

Refreshingly unpretentious neighborhood cafe, it’s certainly finer than a diner. With so much of the neighborhood landscape warping into much of the same, it’s comforting to find Dizzy’s on the corner where a landmark N.Y. diner once thrived. Offering a generous range of breakfast and dinner (lunch is limited though their former shrimp sandwich was delicious) as well as alcohol, 7-days a week, with sprinkles of “grass-fed” and “free-range”. Prices are not unreasonable for the area though they don’t necessarily correspond with the quality. Also handy for its outdoor patio or coffee and a muffin on the run.

- Maria G.

Dizzy ‘s has a classical diner feel with a delicious variety of comfort foods. Every time I visit, I order their mac and cheese or burger.

- Max K.

We love Dizzy’s. They have the greatest corned beef hash in the world. AND they’ll put it into an Eggs Benedict. It doesn’t get much better than that.

- Hillary D.

My favorite local diner in NYC

- Evan Y.

Upscale diner, friendly staff.

- Wrolf C.

Had a great brunch on Saturday while we were in Brooklyn visiting family. Dizzy’s on 5th is an awesome spot, and the sausage gravy I had was phenomenal! Just the right amount of zing! Loved it when the staff opened up the windows to the street. Also, thanks to the staff for accommodating our group’s staggered arrival times too! We’ll be back…

- Mark M.

They had creative brunch specials and friendly service. Although I arrived near the end of the brunch availability, they accommodated me. I enjoyed a delicious and filling peanut butter waffle with toasted coconut flakes with a mimosa (included). The mini muffins and raspberry butter (made in-house) were yummy, too. Recommended!

- Melissa T.

Great place to have dinner outside on a warm evening. Food is fresh and tasty, the people are friendly and the service is efficient. My favorite in this area, thanks!

- Rachel R.

Very cozy, good food and friendly people. And great music on the background!

- Esther H.

Amazing food! Great staff! Awesome atmosphere! Highly recommend this diner!

- Lisette T.